Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Tuffies Revenge!

Right, so there was a Daily Sketch challenge over at Concept Art that caught my eye: create an old oak mech that had no divisions or cuts within it.  It had to be natural.  Honestly I was hard pressed to come up with something decent in terms of an idea for the actual mech, and when confronted with the limitations it just expounded on that issue.  BUT as I drew things, this idea sort of sprang into my head.  Once upon a time, in the forest where I spent the better part of my childhood, there were these awesomely cute tuffed eared black squirrels that lived in the woods. Not sure if their common name was Albert Squirrel or if they were some different kind.  Anyway, the grey squirrels had vastly out numbered them  and eventually you hardly ever saw these squirrels. So in this image, the "Tuffies" fight back! Constructing their large inconspicuous oak mech in the deep woods, they plot their revenge on the grey squirrels and eventually launch a counter attack to maintain their status in the woodland community! Hails of acorns raid down on the bewildered greys as they flee in terror at the oncoming construct of doom!

Run Greys! Run!


Cacodaemonia said...

Hahaha, that's hysterical! The image caught my eye right away. I love the concept and the great perspective. :D

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