Thursday, April 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Durraiz - Circles of Power Fan Art

Right, so having stayed home for almost 3 days now due to illness (our boss so lovingly sent us home and doesn't want us there until we are better) this has allowed me time to sit and actually work on art.

This project was started a month ago as a sketch for a piece of fan fiction I've been reading over the past few years. This work, found at this link here, chronicles the adventures of two young girls and many other characters who are original creations to Tolkiens world.  It's a little different, more dark, but also more developed in terms of having better, non-mary sue characters involved in the story.  It's hard to come by a lot of good Tolkien fan fiction out there, and this one I've really enjoyed reading thus far.

Anyway, this character is Durraiz, an orcess who administers punishment to the Rohirric women who dared to try and flee from their captor slavers.

Here is a detail since the original might be on the smallish side:
Thursday, April 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 18 - Big Croc Smiles

This was a request from a poster a while back! Apologies for getting this done so late! But it was fun to draw something I have never drawn before! :)

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 17 - Sandy Castles

Right so with the family cruise coming up quickly, I am really itching to get out and see some sun.  Honestly I’ve been having fun making these little guys and gals.  Keeps me going at work with something more light hearted and comical in order to deal with the stress and worry at the day job.  Plus you can’t go wrong with monsters. Even the cute ones. So here we go, first sketch for April.  I also finally fixed my monitor too, but I suspect the color profile is off and need to look into it. I missed out on finished an orc painting for a fan fiction I’ve been reading.

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 16 - Ocean Romp

Just another sketch.  Yeah yeah, I’m getting behind.  Right now I’m fighting with an issue regarding my monitor and graphics card.  For some dumb reason I can no longer use higher resolutions on my display and it’s really driving me insane because it worked fine just a few days ago! Damn technology always seems to find a way to play dumb when you don’t need it to.  Once I get this fixed, I’ll have more work to finish up.

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 15 - Hiding Hobbits

Blah, this week hasn’t been all that conducive to art. We found out at work early this week that we could, in fact, take a half hour lunch instead of being forced to take a whole hour.  So, since I do prefer to leave work at 4:00, I ended up starting to take that said half an hour which really isn’t a while heck of a lot of time for sketching anything like the above.  Truth be told, this was done over several lunches, so if I start to look like I’m slowing down it’s because I’m spacing out my time with drawing.  Though one could argue that these are sketches after all and don’t require spending that much time on them.  Eh, what can you do? Incidentally, I do have more art sitting in my sketchbook that’s begging to get painted.  Will most likely start something tonight and probably finish tomorrow since a) I’m really mentally exhausted from the time change and b) have to leave in 10 min to go work out.  Being an owl who has to get up before the crack of dawn is not cool.

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 14 - At the Beach

Kinda where I’d like to be right now.  Common summer! Get here sooner!

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 13 - Oracle

So with yesterday’s image being something of colossal fail, today’s didn’t go as bad.  It helped that I had a little more focus on what I honestly wanted to create, rather than stabbing at the dark and making something random.  Humanoid drawings don’t tend to go down well as if I had drawn creatures instead.  Not to mention, I was having issues with the last pose too and this one is a little more calmer.  But that in itself bugs me as most poses I’ve done tend to be rather on the static side and having more dynamic action in the figure is something I want to strive for.

Again, I must also stress when it comes to clothing, I need more experience.

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 12 - Rogue

Sketch done yesterday.  You know… the more I do these, the more I’m realizing how little of clothing and armor I know as I just keep repeating the same things over and over again.  This sketch is made of fail on many levels, but the point of posting is 1) to show that all artists have their bad drawings 2) for me to recognize where I’m going wrong and go about correcting them.  Methinks that one thing I will be doing this upcoming weekend is going through my clothing books and doing a little more research.

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 11 - Pot Merchant

Yay for completely wonky perspective! Even though the angles are skewed beyond belief, this simple merchant takes his store of wares around various towns to make his modest living.  This was based off  a little doodle I did a while ago and just wanted something more fleshed out.

I'm kinda making up some time here as I haven't really updated this in a while.  I HAVE however been drawing and my website has all the recent artwork.  So this is me playing catch up! :)

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