Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Another update.  Been working hard over the weekend to try and push this along. Didn't get nearly as far as I wanted to for one reason or another.  I spent far too much heckling over minor elements that I SHOULD have done long before I started painting this.  Tonal studies? NAH! Who needs those?! *facepalm* Lesson be learned.  Technically, if I was smart, I'd scrap this and start it all over again and do it properly.  I just hate to think I spent all this time working on something  I believed would be my next portfolio piece, but it ended up getting chucked aside instead. Well... at this point, if I keep forging ahead and keep fussing with the project I might end up making a technically weaker piece than I originally wanted.  I'm just pondering if there's anything salvageable at this point. :-/

I did, however, move those BG dragons over just a touch so they wouldn't lead the eyes off the page. :D Thanks Angela for the critique! :)


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