Friday, December 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Markers!

Right so I went to Hobby Lobby today and nabbed me some Copic markers to fiddle around with in my sketchbooks.  Personally I kept fussing with the graphite, rather than just laying down strokes and not worrying about where lines were taking me.  What can I say, I try and plan things through too much.  This was a pen and ink sketch I did during lunch hour, then later this evening I layed down the marker on top of it.  Bad idea.  The original pen work began to bleed. :( I need to find a pen with different weights that won't bleed on paper.


Gigi said...

Copic has their multiliner pens, but they cost like a billion-gagillion dollars. (I use the sakura microns for my marker drawings, and they don't bleed on the paper at all, really... Not with Copics or Prismas.)

Meli Hitchcock said...

Yikes, their Copics multiliners cost the same as their markers!! Cool beans, I'll go pick up some sakura pens then.

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