Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Salon Sketches plus Critters!

Ok, so here are the minor sketches I did while getting my hair done this past Saturday.  Sadly most of the work I do in there is all profile work, I really wished I could do more frontal or three quarter views but with the hair styling process, usually the stylist is in the way or they need to twirl the customer around in the chair as they work on their hair.  I felt I was going rather slow this time, but then trying to draw while customers were chatting away about their shopping or holiday excursions did make it a little tough to get a solid drawing down.  The one to the left is a quick sketch of a lady as I was waiting for my stylist to finish with ther previous client.  The ones to the right were done while my hair was being saturated with more highlights and some coloring.  This time around I went with some reds in my hair.  Not sure if I like it fully or not.  Some days I'm like "WOW, this is so edgy for me!" and other days it's like "Ehhh... not sure about this." Oh well, in another week once most of it's faded I'll probably have a better opinion on the matter.

This second cluster of work I did today while at lunch.  Back when I attended Revelations I met with this awesome guy who did a lot of creature work via markers and pen.  I tried to use this same technique, sketching down a silhouette with marker then filling in the details with a mircon pen, but I think the bulk of these are pretty lame.  Either I'm not imaginative enough or my planning stinks.  I'm thinking that first I need to get a thinner pen because even a .03 isn't fine enough to do these things.

Oh well, onto the next project!


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