Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Sketching for yesterday and today

This was a quick sketch I did yesterday based off a dream I had the night before. There was this unknown planet that mankind landed on and they had set up a research facility to study this local species of creature. The location was in a very cold, Antarctic like, environment, and these beasties that lived there were being captured and experimented on by the researchers.

This is a little more of a refined sketch I did today at work (in which I had not much to do almost all day). The original design turned out to be a little too wolf like and these things were supposed to be more of a draconic race but they had more canine features. Not only this, they were pure white in color, both in skin tone and their feathers, with little dots of blue and turquoise scattered in patterns along their backs. These "dragons" gave live birth, had their own language, and as the scientists found out, were a lot more crafty than just basic animals they believed them to be. In the dream, they broke free of their cages, killed much of the team, and took those who sympathized with them back to their ice caverns. Honestly the scan doesn't do the original justice. Everything get's so washed out.

Bit of an older sketch but one I still rather like and might take to a finished illustration. King Tritan's other daughter, Aubel. She was a frightful, pale, lankey creature that the king didn't wish the merfolk to know about. Even though she was quite sickly to gaze upon, she had the most hauntingly beautiful voice that was so powerful that when she sang, strange magics would stir about her. One evening the king was to stage an event for all his other daughters to sing in, but Aubel wasn't permitted to go. She no longer wished to be shut away from the rest of her people, so she planned to take the spotlight when the concert was at it's apex. Donning her finest jewels, she then used her voice to spring open the locks to her room. With her songs guiding her, she used them to put her sisters into a trance then sat upon the clam seats that would rise to the upper atrium.

As music above her thrummed, and the seat then rose to mark her cue. As the kelp weed curtains parted, the merfolk audience beheld a ghastly creature. But before anyone could react, Aubel closed her eyes and sang forth a tune that mezmorised the audience. So dark and so sad was her song, that the magic swirling about her began to transform the merfolk into common sea creatures. When she opened her eyes, the stadium, and her father, were all nothing more than creatures swimming about the chamber. Anguish swept through her, and she fled the palace and into the deepest places of the ocean where no light dwelt. She sang one last song of grief and with that was transformed into a fish herself.


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