Thursday, April 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 15 - Hiding Hobbits

Blah, this week hasn’t been all that conducive to art. We found out at work early this week that we could, in fact, take a half hour lunch instead of being forced to take a whole hour.  So, since I do prefer to leave work at 4:00, I ended up starting to take that said half an hour which really isn’t a while heck of a lot of time for sketching anything like the above.  Truth be told, this was done over several lunches, so if I start to look like I’m slowing down it’s because I’m spacing out my time with drawing.  Though one could argue that these are sketches after all and don’t require spending that much time on them.  Eh, what can you do? Incidentally, I do have more art sitting in my sketchbook that’s begging to get painted.  Will most likely start something tonight and probably finish tomorrow since a) I’m really mentally exhausted from the time change and b) have to leave in 10 min to go work out.  Being an owl who has to get up before the crack of dawn is not cool.


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