Thursday, April 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Sketch 11 - Pot Merchant

Yay for completely wonky perspective! Even though the angles are skewed beyond belief, this simple merchant takes his store of wares around various towns to make his modest living.  This was based off  a little doodle I did a while ago and just wanted something more fleshed out.

I'm kinda making up some time here as I haven't really updated this in a while.  I HAVE however been drawing and my website has all the recent artwork.  So this is me playing catch up! :)


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I'm a chick that just likes to draw. I try hard to be a decent artist, but hey, no one's perfect. This blog is just a repository of various ideas, sketches, drawings, or work in progress images that I've done. Why read this silly description? Just look at the art! ;)